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Minecraft Quests

It time to show off your skills and enter the INTERFACE Junior Awards – Minecraft competition, which closes on the 6 November 2015. You can win a Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider for your classroom. You will need a teacher to help you enter.

Math Missions:

Minecraft Mission

Welcome! I’m learnedhappiness! I’ll be your Mission Master, organizing the challenges and creating maps for you to explore. Each week, MCM will present a challenge for you to complete in your own creative world. We’ll talk a little math, have a little fun, and build some cool things along the way!



Pyramid of Squares

Create a pyramid using squares.
Start with your biggest square as the base.
Then each square on top of that must be one block smaller.
Here is another way to build a pyramid.
There are many different pyramid shapes, what type did you build?
How big did you make your pyramid?