Math Lines – Play it now at

Math Lines at Cool Math Games: This is just like our Marble Lines game, but we’ve made it an addition game. You have to shoot the ball that makes the right sum.



You can roll the dice for every number you make. Roll doubles or a number that adds up to 10 to win.

Did you know that the place value system we all take for granted is really just a secret code?!  That’s right!  It’s a code mathematicians use to talk about numbers larger than ONE or ZERO!

Your mission:

1. Your job is to build various numbers in code using this key:

Blue Wool = ones

Red Wool = tens

Yellow Wool = hundreds

Green Wool = thousands

Use GLASS BLOCK to represent ZERO so you have a place holder if you need it

place value color code

2. Label each number you build with a sign that says Minecraft Mission #7 and the number you built in code.

Numbers to Build:





You can also build them with Lego Blocks


Minecraft colouring