Today in the lab


Today the Afterschool Allstars are checking out games about Math!


beat the bully

Math Popper

Math Popper

PacMan Math

  Pac-Man Math Game!

Goldburger to Go

Goldburger to Go

Match the Time

Match the Clocks

Typer Shark

Melvin's Make a Match

Melvin's Make a Match

Space Station Game!

Space Station

Spacebar Invaders

Ed's Bank

   Ed's Bank Game

Grammar Gorillas

Grammar Gorillas

Muscle Hustle

Can you coordinate your muscles to outpace the hungry dog?

Because I am a girl

Because I am a girl

Cannon Math

Cannon Math

Lemonade Stand Don't forget you can change price in the middle of the ...


 City Kid Safe Kid


Video Questions


1. What happened to the boy who din't cross the road in the right place?

2. Show a staff that you know the 4 answers in the "show what you know" quiz

3. What are the three things you need to do?


Draw for every question you answer

Additional draw for every certificate or trophy you earn with an extra good prize




 Build a paper car + create an obstacle or jump for it.



(you can find the answers here\

1. What is the force that keeps us all from floating in the air?

2. Do bojects fall at the same speed (does a big ball fall as fast as a little ball?)

3. If you weigh 100 pounds on earth, how much would you weigh on Mars?





Google Draw


10 people with real life superhero abilities


1. which one do you think is most interesting?

2. which do you wish you could do?


Paralympic games


3.. What are the paralympic games?

4. name one sport in the paralympic games





Dice Game

 Roll two dice after each game. If you roll the number you played, you get an extra sticker. If you roll a 12 you get to pick the game you want to colelct stickers for.




Internet Safety Videos




Dr. Goodwords